fn sweet.

Welcome to a new era of desserts.


Desserts, pastries, pies, oh my. When you think of something to eat, why is dessert always at the end? Tacked onto the end of a meal like the fortune cookie on top of the receipt. We're all adults here, and if we want to eat white chocolate raspberry macarons for lunch, then we should be able to do so! And we're here to help you with that.



fn sweets was a result of a shortage. After trying to find macarons at the same place at four separate occasions, we decided to make our own. We weren't good at first, but the challenge was there, and we were determined to master them. Eventually we decided that we could also choose our own flavors, and being jaded from the green teas, pistachio, and rose water, we started making flavors that we all liked. Blueberry. Basil lime. Vietnamese iced coffee. Soon we started selling them to friends, and they told their friends, and it got a little bigger. Then we got a website and so here we are.



Let's get you started.

For questions, concerns, orders, and pledges of allegiance, please contact us here:

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